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LAPTOP PC COMPUTER REPAIR COURSEClick Image To Visit SiteThe Laptop Repair Course 2013 Version Is Here Repair Course is for anyone wants to learn how to repair computers at home!!

and repair the fault We take you step by step through repairing laptops using Laptop Repair Videos (available to download or watch online) Photos, Pdf’s and text documents most of the learning will be done via watching laptop repair training footage. You will find just about every Repair that you will come across and need to know from striping download a laptop then diagnosing the laptops problems…

This is a comprehensive instructional training course that as been designed to get you into the art of the computer business of computer repair of all makes and models of laptops. You can start your own computer business with very little cash.

The Ultimate Laptop Repair Training Course gives a step by step instructions on repairing and selling laptop computers There is absolutely no experience needed, Non at all is

The Ultimate Laptop Repair Course. You will Learn about the laptops components So you will learn about laptop batteries and a laptop’s cd/dvd drives and also the laptop’s keyboard and the laptop motherboards etc..

The Laptop Repair Training Course you will Learn the basic of soldering the basic safety in soldering the whats and whys and hows of soldering the most important how to solder the correct way etc…

Here you will learn how to remove the laptop motherboard (We won’t learn you motherboard repair as the would be a repair course just in itself ) but we will show you as much as we can without it getting too difficult etc…

problems you will learn different way to fix power problems you will learn to remove and replace the laptop power jack soldering and without soldering and how to secure a loose power jack back to the laptop etc….

Keyboard repair and replacement This is a little section of how to repair you key on the laptop on all kinds of laptops this section is just one of the new add-on’s as anyone with common sense will know how to replace a key but not all know how to replace a full laptop keyboard but we will show you how it’s done!

Other Repair is all the video that has not been listed or have not go a category to be added to. These are things like Non Booting laptops, laptop hard drive testing (hard disc drive hdd) Removing a laptop cd/dvd drive

We put together all the essential materials about 16 hrs of footage information and software tools and manuals that you will need to learn you how to repair computer and how to create and run a successful Computer Repair Business.

We have a combination of Video based learning that has been developed to make The Ultimate Laptop Repair Course simple to follow and to complete!

This is your chance to change the opportunity that can be successful for newbies and novices. You will learn laptop repair the best way, You will know where to get cheap laptops and pc units for your self or to sell. We will help you all the way through and every step of the way. We will even give you guide of the best way you should do a repair and a idea of what you should charge your customers (Friends)

You also get the coursework that will learn you how to start your own business and where to get cheap laptops and cheap laptop parts damaged laptops also spares and repairs and also topics on virus recovery passwords and help and support on how to run a business what to do and where to go.

You also have access to 1000′s of Laptop Repair Manuals to help you with diagnosing the laptops problem Not many people use laptop manuals but they do come in handy to have access to them and now you have access to 1000′s of laptop manuals.

With LAPTOP REPAIRING if you just know the basics of repairing laptops you could run your own business by the end of this course you will be able to repair everything down to the motherboard We will show you the common problem on the motherboard Power Connector Repair (Power Jack) How to de-solder and resolder the jack back on easy.

LRC / PRC Team Learn to repair Laptop Pc Computers Website made by Computer Repair Courses Read more…

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